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Lawrence Taylor
 Three Reasons Why Using IRA Funds To Purchase Real Estate Makes Sense:     
  • The stock market has tanked, and investors have lost confidence! Almost everyone's stock market portfolio is down 30% or more. Buying real estate just makes sense.
  • Real estate prices are dramatically lower than just two years ago, creating tremendous upside through both a higher future resale value (plus any rent you collect in the interim)!
  • There is a tremendous amount of foreclosures and auctions where you can pick up beautiful homes for 20% or less of their value!
By purchasing real estate in their IRAs, clients and prospects are not changing what their retirement plan funds do (building tax-free value for use at some future date); they are simply changing the ty pe of investment in their retirement account (from stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to real estate).

Even if it takes five years for real estate values to get back to where they were two years ago, most prognasticators would probably still bet the account value of a real estate investment will be higher than the same funds held in the stock market. And this spread only improves if you rent the properties!

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